frequently asked questions by our customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Money Traders, we offer a range of services such as Buybacks, or selling, and this page is dedicated to making your transactions simpler.

Q1. If I don't have an account, then what ID will I need?

  1. PROOF OF ADDRESS - a council tax or a utility bill that is at your current address and dated within the last 3 months. 
  2. SECOND FORM - a second form of I.D. such as a passport, bank card with a signature.

Q2. What can I do if I can't buyback my item in 28 days?

  1. EXTENSION - If you cannot afford to pay the redemption price then you can pay the option fee which will renew the agreement for a further 28 days. If you have any queries just contact the store.

Q3. What will I get for gold or silver?

  1. LIVE PRICE - our gold and silver prices change daily so the price you may be quoted today maybe different if you sell tomorrow.

Q4. What time are you open until?

  1. MONDAY - SATURDAY - We are open from 9.30 am Monday to Saturday, and we close at 5.30 pm. However, please note that due to processing, the buyback counter closes at 5.15 pm. This means you should arrive no later than 5.00 pm if you want to use the buyback counter Monday - Saturday.
  2. SUNDAY - We are open from 10.00 am on Sundays and we close at 5.00 pm. As such, the buyback counter closes at 4.45 pm on a Sunday, so you should arrive for 4.30 pm at the latest if you wish to use the buyback counter on a Sunday. 

Q5. Is this Cash Converters?

  1. NO, WE'RE NOT - We get asked this alot, but no we are not Cash Converters or Cash Generators. We were infact a franchisee of Cash Converters over 14 years ago and we've been on our own business ever since. We are MONEY TRADERS, and we've been established since 1993.

Q8. What warranty do you get with our stores?

  1. 12 MONTHS - We offer a 12 month warranty for technical issues or faults with our goods. This is a fair warranty as if you bought something brand new you would get a 12 month warranty. There are specific rules to this warranty though, such as; after 3 months, you can recieve a credit note or an exchange, but you can only get a cash refund within the first 3 months. Also, if the item seems to have been dropped, water damaged or etc since the purchase, the manager may refuse the return.

Q9. Do you buy/sell furniture, white goods or petrol powered items?

  1. SHORT ANSWER.. NO - No, we don't buy anything that is petrol powered, as we can't safely store them in our store. In regards to furniture or white goods, such as refridgerators, no we do not buy or sell those due to there size. There are also health and safety issues surrounding these items, so we don't take them. 

Q10. If I'm definately coming back for an item, why can't I get more money?

  1. RISKS - Unfortunately, we can't offer more for an item, even if you promise to come back for them, as our staff have to price your goods based upon what we can sell them for if you don't come back for it. 

Q11. Does a console/TV or DVD player include a remote/wires?

  1. TYPICALLY YES - We typically give all the wires and the controller that are needed to use a console when we sell one. Similarly, we will include a remote with any TV purchased, unless specified otherwise in-store as we do have some stock without remotes. 


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