buybacks, what are they and how they work

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Buy Backs - Sell and buy it back

Need cash today but want your item back?

Our Buy Back service, lets you do just that.

We will buy your item, so you get your cash today and we’ll look after it for up to 28 days and you then buy it back.

You Sell

Instant Cash Today

We Store

You Buy It Back

  1. Bring you items in - Pop into any branch with your items and your I.D. We will then give the goods a test and ask you the value you would like to get.
  2. Get the cash - Once we have come to an agreement over the price we complete a small amount of paperwork and then you are all done with the cash in your hand.
  3. We store your item - Your items will then be placed in secure and safe storage awaiting your return.
  4. You buy it back - Within the next 28 days you can pop back in to the store with the paperwork and buy it back.

WARNING - failure to redeem or extend the item(s) contract within 28 days will result in Money Traders selling the item. 


Need a quote on your item? Just fill in the form below.


the buy back store for Wyre & Fylde Area