sell instore to us, and how it works

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Sell instore
  1. AGREE A PRICE - We ask how much you are looking for and see if we can do that price. If we cant we will try to get close. If we can pay you more than you want we will tell you that too.
  2. WE TEST - We run your item(s) through our testing procedure, which does not take long.
  3. YOU GET PAID - After the testing we have a simple agreement to sign to say that you are selling the goods to us and then we give you the payment for your item(s).
  4. We are all done.

You will be required to produce items of identification during the transaction, failure to do so will result in us not being able to pay you for your goods.

Click here for list of acceptable items of identification.


the buy back store for Wyre & Fylde Area