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...our speciality!

Need to raise cash but dont want to loose the item?
Then a Buyback it the option for you!

1. Bring it in to us.

Raise some cash, but dont want to loose your item forever.

2. Get a valuation.

Our offer will always be fair on valuing your item. Explaining how much you will get and how much you will need to pay to get the item back.


3. The paperwork.

Doing the paperwork is always the boring bit, but necessary, done in 2 minutes after which we give you the cash and you are all done.

4. Buy it back.

Within the 28 days that we hold your item you come into the store and buy your item back. if needs be you do have the option to renew the buyback instead for a further 28 days.

... the legal bit - you will be required to bring 2 forms of identification with you to complete the transaction. the identifcation must include a printed & dated letter within the last 3 months, without the identification we will not be able to complete the transaction. failure to collect or extend the transaction will result in MONEY TRADERS (NS) Ltd selling your item.