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Buyback Collection by Appointement

You can now collect your buybacks.


Just fill in the form

Once you have filled in the form we will arrange with you all the nessesary details.


COVID-19 (coronavirus)

We will be taking extra precautions during the collection to keep you and us safe, please follow the instructions we will send to you in your email.


We Are Passionate

We understand this is a worrying time. Dont worry if you cannot get your buyback it will be safe and sound at the store untill we reopen.


Here are the basic conditions to the scheme



This is REDEMPTION ONLY.  At the moment new buybacks cannot be made. All payments must be in cash. No part payments will be accepted. 



We will try to give you a appontment slot on the day requested but we may not have any free timeslots left, we will tell you this as soon as possible and will re-arrange with you a new day & time. Collections will only be made on Tuesdays or Fridays only.


Delivery Process

Due to the CORONAVIRUS and to limit the risks we will be following this following plan.
The transactions will be done at the goods entrance of the stores.
a) We will place a plastic container on your counter and then step back 2m allowing you to place the payment and the paperwork on the counter.
b) We will collect the container process the money and paperwork (if there is change to be given back this will be place into a money bag inside the container along with your buyback).
c) We will place the container back on the counter containing your buyback and then step back allowing you to collect your items from the container.

We will maintain safe working distances at all times for you saftey and our staff during this coronavirus outbreak.

Without an appointment time we cannot process any transactions. 

Buyback Service Form