All of our stores will be open from Wednesday 2nd December at 9.30am


Our buyback counter will be fully manned and operational for all your buybacks requirements.

Selling to us.

We will be ready to buy any of your items, with instant cash payments.


Our shop floor will be open for you to get those low priced bargains.

Selling to us?

...recycle your old tech


...use an old item!

Buyback with us?

...get the item back!

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...putting the customer first

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Our customer star rating is for you, as a thankyou from us. The more buybacks you pickup from us, the better offers we can make in the future. 


Our fees are set at a lower rate than the leading competitors, Cash Converters & Cash Generators. 


Our customer service is something we strongly believe in and is one of our key principles. 


It is our belief that the customer should get the best we can. We will always offer the best, fair offer on valuing any item.